Opie Chapman
  • Origianlly from Omaha, NE

  •  30+ years experience in the antique and auction business 

  • 1979-Graduated from Missouri Auction School )known as "The harvard of Auctioneering" schools) 

  • Had antique auctions in Omaha, NE 

  • After moving to Texas 5 years ago, started Taylor Auction Company.

Olin Parks Chapman Jr "Opie" was originally from Omaha, NE where he had his own auction company for many years. He has had 30+ years experience in the antique and auction business .He has traveled all over the country buying and selling American Antique furniture. 

It all started with his dad, Olin Sr's, love of antique furniture. At the age of 13,he was not only working in his dad's refinishing shop, he was also refinishing, buying, and selling antique furniture on his own time for extra money. In 1976, Olin Sr. stated his own auctions in Oregon and Iowa. Getting tired of paying other auctioneers, Olin Sr. sent his son Opie through auction school.

In 1979, Opie graduated from Missouri Auction School at the age of 17,being the youngest auctioneer to graduate at the time.

Having been in the antique and auction business for many years, has given Opie the experience and knowledge very few people have. 


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Newspaper article about Opie in Missouri Auction School